Same Day Delivery
Delivery Day    :  Monday to Friday Only
Requirement   :  Order before 12:00 PM noon.
Delivery Time :   4:00 PM to 7:00 PM

Next Day Delivery & Beyond
Delivery Day    :  All day
Requirement   :  Order before 2:00 PM noon.
Delivery Time :   10:00 AM to 7:00 PM
*Sunday and Monday deliveries are not able to be made for next day delivery

On major public holidays we may be closed so it’s best to check with us if you would like to collect your cake on a public holiday.

The charges range from RM0 to RM40 depending on the location. Delivery charges range based on location.

Yes you can, just specify a 1-hour window for when you would like delivery to take place. Due to weather and traffic conditions there could be a delay in your order. In such circumstances the driver will contact you on the estimated time of arrival.

You can certainly do that if you wish, however please note that not all Grab drivers are willing to carry cakes as any damage to the cake will be their responsibility. We use a third party delivery service whose drivers are experienced in delivering cakes. Please note that once we hand the cake over to your driver, we consider it as being in your possession, and we can no longer be responsible for any damage sustained outside our kitchen.

Self Collection

Whipped Cakes is located on the first floor 36-1 Jalan 28/70A, Desa Sri Hartamas. We are located above the S8 Auto car workshop, where the BMW sign is, along the same row as Raj Banana Leaf.

We accept self-collection from our kitchen in Desa Sri Hartamas from 9-6pm on Monday to Friday. On weekends we are closed, however, we have a 1-hour window on Saturday from 10-11am where we are available for pick up.

A print out of your official receipt would be useful for us. If you happen to be driving for more than 30 minutes we recommend that you bring a chiller bag.

Yes, we recommend that you give us a 1-hour time slot that you plan to arrive so that we can ensure that your cake will be ready for you.

Yes. If you are appointing someone to collect on your behalf, we strictly require a copy of your invoice number. If you don’t have it, we cannot allow collection.

Please inform us and we can keep the cake for you to pick up. Uncollected cakes will be discarded after 24 hours. We will not be able to give you a refund as the work and ingredients have gone into making the cake.


The best way to transport a cake is in the back of a SUV which has a flat surface and access to air conditioning. Alternatively, it is possible to transport a smaller sized cake on the floorboard of your car. Your final resort is to place the cake on the car seat, however for this to work well you will need to place something on the seat to make it level (many people use their umbrella). This will ensure your cake doesn’t tilt and accidentally lean on the inside of the cake box.

Please note that in Malaysian weather the cakes will not be able to withstand our temperature unless the air conditioning is turned on. When driving please be careful to keep the vehicle level at all times, especially when turning corners or going over bumps.

Changes & Cancellation

All changes, cancellations or postponements follow the same general principal. If the cake hasn’t been prepared yet, we can entertain your request. As such, please let us know 2-days in advance from your delivery by 11pm. Hence if your cake is for Wednesday, let us know by Monday 10:59pm.

The only exception is if you ordered for Sunday or Public Holiday, whereby we would need to know 3 days in advance (by 11pm). Hence for Sunday deliveries please let us know by Thursday 10:59pm.

Yes you can. The latest you need to inform us is the day before by 11pm. Please note that additional charges may be applicable if the new address is significantly further than the original location.

Unfortunately, we would not be able to provide you a refund however we will keep your payment on record for you to be able to use that purchase for another item. We appreciate if you could make your order within 6 months.


VIP status is given to all our customers who have purchase RM1,500 worth of cupcakes and cakes from us.  It is automatically given and it’s our way of thanking you for your continuous support.

In addition to enjoying our monthly special promotions, VIP members also receive the following:-

  • 10% discount off all non-promotional purchases (excluding delivery charges)
  • Receive a RM50 discount voucher on your birthday, for any cake valid for a year (excluding delivery charges)

Unfortunately, we do not allow memberships to transfer from one person to another.

The VIP member is our way of appreciating your support for us over the years. We understand that buying a cake is not a common occurrence and although it only happens a few times a year we cherish every one of your orders. As such we would like to give back to you in return for your loyalty.

We will definitely include your previous purchases to the calculation. However, please email us ( with your full name and mobile number and we will do our best to update your purchase history.

Getting Started

To enjoy our cakes, please register an account with us. This enables us to properly track your order and service you better. It’s easy. Follow these simple steps to begin your order.

Step 1: Register for an account. Just place your email address and password and you have logged in. Other information will be updated as we go along.

Step 2: Select next day delivery or normal delivery

Step 3: Choose your cake and size

Step 4: Give additional details

  1. Cake message for the card.
  2. Indicate how many candles you would like by specifying the age. If you wish to only have 2 large candles then state ‘2’ or ‘20’.
  3. All cakes include a cake knife
  4. Select any additional accessories (birthday signage, firework candles, cake balloon etc)

*Repeat step 3 & 4 if you would like to order another cake.

Step 5: Once finished proceed to checkout.

Step 6: Select delivery or self-collection

If self-collection

  1. Select date and time to pick up

If delivery

  1. Key-in delivery address (this can be saved for future use)
  2. Select date and time for cake to arrive
  3. Key-in name and contact details of individual receiving the cake

Step 7: Confirm order and make payment.  A confirmation email receipt will be sent to your email address.

Same Day Cakes

A selected range of cakes are available to be received on the same day. Just make your order before 12pm and we will have it ready after 4pm. Please note, same day cakes are only available from Monday to Friday.


Next day and beyond Cakes

All our cakes and brownies can be received tomorrow. As long as you order before 12pm today, we can have it ready anytime after 12pm tomorrow. Please note, next day cakes are only available from Tuesday to Saturday and Monday after 3pm. For cakes to be delivered on a Sunday, kindly send us your order by Friday 12pm.

To ensure that we don’t miss out anything, it is best if you make your order through our online cart. If you have further questions and are not sure what to order, feel free to get in touch with us and we can always guide you to the perfect cake.

We currently accept online bank transfers (via Billplz) and Visa and Mastercard credit cards (via 2C2P).

Click on the “Forgot your password” link below the login section and follow the instructions given.

Our Cakes

Like our children, we have no favorites however we have noticed that there are certain cakes which are universally beloved by our customers. Here is our Top Ten (in alphabetical order)

  1. 5 Shades of Chocolate 
  2. Chocolate Squares 
  3. Cruzan Macadamia 
  4. Hitam Manis 
  5. Mochaccino
  6. Pandan Brulee 
  7. Rasa Sayang
  8. Red Carpet Diva
  9. The Puan Sri Special 
  10. Triple C

Generally, our customers normally enjoy our cakes after their meal, as such we estimate the following will be sufficient to feed your guests:-

  • 7inch cake – 10 to 12 pax
  • 9inch cake – 12 to 16 pax

Not everything, but close, I would say 95%.  So what do we make? All our sponges are made from scratch, which means no packaged cake mixes.  Additionally, our team makes our caramels, fruit fillings, pastes and almost all of our decorations from scratch.  We only buy items where we believe that we can’t do a better job such as oreo cookies, digestive biscuits and cendol.

To ensure freshness and quality, all of our cupcakes are baked per order and are only available in groups of 10.

Yes we do. We began this business as primarily a supplier to restaurant and cafes and have since expanded our direct to customer business. If you would like us to supply to your establishment please contact us and view our pages on our Wholesale page for further information.

Caring For Your Cake

Temperature is very important to cakes! Each of our cakes has a sticker labeled either “Ambient” or “Chilled”.  

Ambient: Your cake will taste best at room temperature. This will ensure that the ganache or frosting is soft, and the cake is at its most flavorful. If you’re serving your cake the next day, please keep it refrigerated overnight and allow 30 minutes before serving for it to come to room temperature. For any leftovers, please keep them refrigerated.

Chilled: Your cake needs to be kept chilled. These cakes cannot withstand the heat. Please ensure that the cakes are not left out for more than 30 minutes.

Based on our experience when our cakes are kept in the refrigerator they can last up to 5 days (except the Rasa Sayang which can last only 3 days).

Special Request & Customization

It takes several days to customize a cake’s design as it may require us to source materials. To better understand your request please get in touch with us and we can see what we can do.

Short Answer – Sorry….

Long Answer – We spend many hours and sometimes days creating our cakes. We believe that they are the best that they can be. Although we respect your ideas on how to create something new, we cannot with good conscience let you take the risk and gamble on a new flavor combination without it being fully tested out. We do welcome your thoughts and suggestions for future creations.

Yes, we can cater for your events.  We have created dessert tables and catered for parties in the past. Please send us an email to and we will see what we can do for you.

We currently don’t work with fondant. We currently decorate our cakes with chocolate and various piping techniques with frosting.

Yes, we can print a design on an edible icing sheet over our cakes. The process requires some time, as we need to get the icing sheets printed and delivered to our kitchens. Please give us 8 working days to finalize a design and have them printed.

Special Nutritional Request

All our ingredients used to make our cakes are halal, however we are not halal-certified.

Currently all our cakes are baked with eggs.

Although all our cakes contain sugar, the Dark Side is the cake which has the least amount of sugar. The chocolate sponge is sweetened using Honey and our chocolate has the minimum amount of sugar inside. Have a look and contact us if you have any questions.

From the major 8 allergens, all our cakes contain wheat, eggs and milk. Some cakes contain nuts. Every cake has the key ingredients listed.

We bake the old fashioned way with extensive use of nuts, flour (gluten) and dairy. We are very careful in our production process to avoid crossover of raw materials. Our baked goods may have traces of nuts.

Referrals Guide

1. Sign In / Sign up your account and go to Referrals page under the Menu of My Account. 

2. You can choose to share your unique coupon code via Email, Facebook or Twitter.

3. You will receive a in store credit once your referrals complete their transactions. Your RM15 store credit will be automatically used on your next order.

Check status of successful referrals at under My Acccount > Profile > My Referrals