Ain’t no cakes like frosted cupcakes! They may be small but with their gorgeous colours, surprising fillings, delectable swirls of frosting and heavenly flavours, cupcakes earned their well-deserved edge.

At Whipped, we are proud to create handmade cupcakes in a variety of choices using nothing but the best ingredients so that each bite is something special. When ordering a box of our freshly baked creations, expect that each one of our cupcakes will delight your taste buds with a fluffy sponge and delicate filling, crowned by soft, melt-in-your mouth frosting flavours like cream cheese, chocolate, lemon and hazelnut.

Browse through our sweet and stylish collection and remember: no matter which cupcakes you end up choosing, they can be ordered quickly and easily online. Your only other choice when you reach this step is to decide for either regular size (10 pieces) or small size (16 pieces).

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