Cheese Cakes

It’s soft, fresh, creamy and used in velvety fillings as much as in delicate frostings. If you’re thinking cream cheese, then you know that you’ve reached the cheesecake category. You’re bound to find the perfect cake here no matter the occasion. Indulge in a cheesecake dessert or treat your friends, loved ones, team or customers to a wonderfully creamy surprise.

Whether you enjoy a light cheesecake with fresh fruit, or a bolder variation in aromas like coffee, cappuccino and chocolate, you’ve come to the right place. Our talented bakers have come up with irresistible creations taking cream cheese to the next level. Are you ready to get cheesy? Here are the absolute must-try cheesecake desserts.

The Puan Sri Special – this much appreciated creation is a favourite amongst Malaysia’s elite. Enjoy the crunchy Oreo base and the aromatic cappuccino flavour of the cheesecake. The whipped cream frosting, home-made caramel and candied almonds contribute to its stylish appearance and wonderful taste. Classy!

Pineapple Crush – there is no better way to enjoy the essence of summer than the flavours you enjoy in this amazing combination. A smooth cheesecake with tangy pineapple, topped with a sweet coconut whipped cream frosting and crunchy coconut flakes. Fresh!

The Triple C – cheesecake, carrot cake and coffee. A wonderful original trio for the ones willing to try something special. The delicately baked carrot and cheesecake is finished with a silky smooth coffee whipped cream frosting and topped with rich dark chocolate shavings. Daring!

The Saint – a cake with a soft heart and bold aroma. This fabulous burnt cheesecake with a lava centre and smoky top will make you melt. Its irresistible gooeyness is so delectable that it turns this wonderful treat into an absolute pleasure. Surprising!

Oreo Cheesecake – everyone agrees that Oreos and cheesecake is a combination impossible to resist. And why would you when you know how much you’ll enjoy a velvety smooth cheesecake supported by a firm crunchy Oreo base and filled with Oreo cookies? The classic duo is smothered in an appetizing dark chocolate ganache and finished with tasty and playful toppings. Irresistible!

Mochaccino Dream – bringing together the best of two worlds, this one of a kind creation was designed with just the right dose of Jamaica Blue coffee. A rich, dark mocha cheesecake is topped with crunchy almond brittle and smooth chocolate whipped cream. Dreamy!

The cheesecake collection has so much to offer and now that you’ve treated your eyes, you’re probably asking yourself how they taste. Quality is of uttermost importance for us and we guarantee that our cakes taste as good as they look. Moreover, your favourite Whipped cheesecake can be easily ordered online and is just a few clicks away. Place your order before 12 PM and choose your preferred delivery date to get cheesy with our cheesecakes.

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