Our Story

There’s Drama in Every Slice

We Are Whipped

Our journey began in 2010, when idle hands sparked our interest to experiment with various sweets made with flour, butter and sugar. Spending each day creating new breads, pastries and cakes, we developed a love for the baking arts.

Taking that step to be more than home bakers, we progressed to become a supplier to numerous discerning cafes and restaurants in Klang Valley.

As we continue to add to our range of cakes, we developed a core set of beliefs that defines us as a cakery – passionate with an insatiable desire to create original and delicious cakes.

Making Cakes that Taste as Good as they Look

We believe it’s not about quantity. A cake is not eaten to just satisfy a need for something sweet. We take this opportunity, this privilege, to make each mouthful an experience to transport you to another dimension, a higher plane. As such, we are committed to making cakes taste as good as they look. 

Cakes Made from Scratch

From our caramel, pineapple compote to our red bean paste, we make most things ourselves. We believe that the hours it takes to develop each and every one of our many components reflects our desire to achieve the perfect ingredient that completes our cakes.

A Tribute to our Malaysian Heritage

We started out with making the best-selling cake flavours that are loved the world over. Nevertheless, we are frequently drawn to our Asian multicultural gastronomical heritage. Fusing the best of Western style cakes with Asian flavours is our passion.

Breaking Through the Norms, Making Taste
- Worthy Cakes

We love experimenting with new flavours and techniques in our pursuit to achieve a cake to be proud of. It takes time and there are many lessons along the way, but the end results are always worth it.

Creating Authentic and Original Flavours

While we have our classic flavours, we enjoy creating new cakes by fusing different flavours from our multi-cultural influences. Our desire to forge our own way is the hallmark of our success.